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This is the blog of a husband, father, trained product manager who has recently reclaimed his passion for writing. On this blog I will write about things in life that matter to me. 

I have lived in or near Seattle all my life.  As I write you will find I may not fit some Seattle molds, but it is home and outside of Boston, which I love to visit.  It is the only place I would ever want to call home.

Welcome to my blog.  Founded February 8th, 2011.

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  • Erin says:

    Hi Kenneth! I saw your yelp review of Pier 7 Glaswerks and am having the same difficulty about it taking a long time to ship our glass. It’s been 2.5 weeks. You mentioned in your review that you emailed Jeff which prompted the sending of your glass. I can’t find an phone number (that works), email address or good website for him or his company. I located a Facebook page but don’t have high hopes of a response. Can you help me contact him?



    • Gabrielle says:

      Hi Erin – I hope by now that you have received your glass piece! My family was in La Connor at the beginning of June and we are still waiting for my daughter’s glass bowl that she blew! I have only been able to have someone answer the phone on weekends and have had a multitude of promises and excuses as to why the bowl hasn’t arrived yet! I have spoken to several employees and, two weeks ago, I even spoke to Jeff and asked that my credit card be refunded as we are pretty much done with all the excuses and lack of action – he promised to deliver the package to the post office himself and that he would “touch base” within a week to make sure we had the package – no contact and, of course, no bowl 2 weeks later! Here is the number that we call (360) 630-5921.

  • K. E. Hoffman says:

    Sorry eventually I got the number on the website to work he had no idea how many phone numbers were on the web for him… BUT the website is gone. I think its a case of a talented artist who is good with people but the business processes are not enjoyed and not done. I know I have to push to do the paper work myself.. 🙂

    I would try calling one of the businesses next door to see if they can get you the number..

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