Open Letter to James R. Chambers head of Weight Watchers – Hire Fitbit to manage your website and apps

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Dear James R Chambers,

It’s January 2015, and the Weight Watchers mobile site at says Copyright 2013! No wonder it has been broken for months.
Go to your main site’s mobile tools page:
Click the link for the “Mobile Site” near the bottom.

You get this error:

"The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.
Your support ID is: 503463347762402832"

Why?  Because months ago you changed the location of the WW mobile website, from to But no one will find it because one of the main links to help people get started with mobile tracking has never been updated on your main site.

Now Try this:
From Windows 8.1 using Internet Explorer go to  Food Tracking is broken, same as on my smart phone.  I searched the web.  It has been broken for months. There are complaints on other sites about this.

Food Tracking is the main behavior you are trying to teach customers, but your web team doesn’t even test to see if it is working for Mobile users. It only works if I use it from full Windows using Google Chrome.  I guess we are supposed to eat in front of large PC? Go to it from Windows Phone 8.1 using IE or even the top alternate browser UC Browser same thing. I have no way to use my e-tools from my smartphone!

It does work from a desktop computer using Google Chrome. Only!!!

What does this tell me? You have people in your IT/Web department that have been some anti-Microsoft war that is more important than serving your customers. OR they have not basic testing process against common devices your customer use.

Fitbit gets it

Guess what? I have a free app with my Fitbit that works nicely on Windows Phone 8.1.  It links to my Fitbit device. It scans barcodes. It even lets me use speech to log my food!! It is a world class app.  Plus Fitbit’s food logging system and database is as good if not better than Weight Watchers’. It is well made. Weight Watchers has NEVER had a tracking app for Windows Phone.  Fitbit has in a few months mastered serving its customers on all mobile platforms.

No effort to serve your customers on Windows Phone.  No testing of website links after changes are made. Etc. What are you paying them to do this level of work?

You already have partnered with Fitbit. Time to just write up a contract for them to write your phone apps and manage your website. Do this before we all just leave you for Fitbit.

I have a recommendation to people who care about losing weight and fitness. If you are paying for Weightwatchers E-Tools… Wake Up! Fitbit has tools that are better and cheaper! Walk away from this out-of-date company who has not quite figured out the web and mobile devices.

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