Windows 8 Install on my 8440P Elitebook

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DisclaimerI am currently not working at Microsoft.  I do however have a long history of working for them, for partners and as a contract staffer.  What does that mean?  It means I understand that Microsoft is full of hard working people. Its not some giant boogeyman.

NOTE: Updated info at end including how owners of um2000/um2420/um2430 cards can get 100MB a month of Free Broadband!

During my last stint at Microsoft, I was not using the pre-release software.  But as I prepare to go back in the next few weeks I knew I needed to get caught up.  Microsoft is pretty good about putting its staff first on beta software and then the current release.  This provides a large user base that gives them extra insight into any issues that might pop-up.  While many businesses will wait a year or more before moving to the newest version of a Microsoft release.  Microsoft puts large numbers of its people doing important business on pre-release software.  I always respected this about them.

Diving in Early

So this week I picked up a copy of Microsoft Windows 8 Pro.  In the past, I ended up in with Windows Vista early because of software needs, but found the first 6 months to be frustrating until the hardware drivers got better. After that it was clearly better than XP.  I did Windows 7 much sooner and it was good.  I have not used Windows 8 even in pre-release this time.  I had read the mixed reviews, but as I expect to be back at Microsoft by January. I knew I needed to get up to speed. So decided to set up dual boot on my notebook.

I was dismayed that the packaging did not say “upgrade” anywhere in the branding.  Even the fine print about upgrading it uses the word “if”.  So after putting in a spare hard drive and doing a clean install over an old copy of Windows 7, I made the mistake of doing a custom set up and wipping the drive.  Again the box never said upgrade only, nor did the set up warn me that wiping the drive would create problems activating Windows 8.  After installing it and doing updates and putting a couple of hours into the process, I did an activation.  It failed with an error that I could not use my key for a clean install.  Trust me I have discs and keys for several older versions.  But there was no option to validate it this way either.  In the end I did find a trick out on the net that did work.  [not linking this trick, in deference to my ongoing association to Microsoft]

In the end after making some mistakes in playing with driver and software installs I decided to roll all my learning into a new install.  I was able to “update” my Windows 8 to Windows 8.  There is an option there to update and “Save Nothing” It does a pretty clean install.  If you have folders left by companies like Nvidia or HP in the root, they stay.  But all Windows and installed software related folders are moved to a folder C:\Windows.Old.  You can then use disk clean-up tool to delete that folder.  So you can do a clean install, but it has to be to a drive that has Windows on it when you start.

For me as someone who does work in marketing, I see the error as not being clear that Windows 8 Pro is an upgrade only package.  Sure if you know the new product versions you know that it is the System Builder version that is for clean installs.  But to me that’s like saying “Take a turn where the old gas station was before they tore it down.”  If you are not aware that “System Builders” are for clean install, there is no indication that you can’t do it on the Windows 8 Pro Package and no software warning as it lets you wipe a drive during setup up.  Microsoft needs to look at that, and I would be surprised if it doesn’t cost them some support calls and much harsher worded posts over the coming weeks.

About My System

I have an HP Elitebook 8440p that is fully loaded with Blue-tooth, WAN 3G card and finger print reader.  My other dismay was with HP.  I bought this machine in December of 2010 and it is by far the best notebook I have ever owned.  It even came with a three year standard warranty.  Except HP says on its website that is has no plans to update drivers to Windows 8 for machines bought before November 2011.  Really?  I have a three year warranty on a machine that HP is making a “driver orphan” after only 2 years.  The even sadder aspect is that with a few tricks I have all my devices working on this device perfectly.  The core drivers work fine with Windows 8.  Its the HP installers that do other things along with the drivers like installing complex security apps that have a problem.  I should mention that I am running Windows 64bit on all my machines at this time.  While I can see HP not doing a full software update of all the tools they add to the system, every core hardware device they sell with the machine should get a Windows 8 update.  From what I can tell it may just take some simplifying of the installs of the current drive set.

Getting Windows 8 Working on an HP 8440P Elitebook.

The clean install of Windows 8 works pretty well.  While HP is not updating their downloads officially to Windows 8 to make it easy for us.  It’s clear that the Microsoft driver library has nearly a full set of  drivers for this machine’s hardware. Right off the bat within an hour it was clear to me that Windows 8 is much more like Windows 7 in being ready to use unlike Windows Vista was.  There are a few small hiccups I will discuss, but the driver support is there and the release build is solid and stable.

What doesn’t work after Windows 8 is installed

After installing there were  a few “unknown devices” listed in Device Manager.  At some point in the future it would be nice if Microsoft had Windows change this to “unsupported NAME” and there were basic names like “card reader” or “blue tooth” to give us a clue.  Writing this from memory the three unknown devices that come up are:

  • The Ricoh based SD card slot
  • The HP Blue-Tooth adapter, that is based on Broadcom technology
  • The Validity finger print reader

Not listed in Device Manager, but not working / installed after initial setup.

  • HP um2420 internal 3G wan card
  • Some of the control buttons and hot keys for screen brightness etc.
  • While the Audio works fine, the mute button stays orange but works (it should only be lite orange when muted)
  • HP 3D drive protection, that parks the drive if it feels the machine start to drop more move too fast

Easy Driver/Software Installs

The first step is to visit the HP Download Site for the 8440P  I have not reinstalled all the software etc for the machine.  This machine ships with a lot of interesting pre-boot tricks etc. After the first few weeks I disabled those and have never installed when doing updates.  It also has some pretty complex security software.  For now I am not installing that, I will explain more later. Below are the devices and tools that install perfectly into Windows 8.

  • The Ricoh Card-reader driver
  • The HP IDT HD Audio Drivers   (This gives more audio processing features and fixes the “mute button always orange problem.”
  • HP 3D DriveGuard
  • HP Quick Launch Buttons
  • HP Wireless Manager OR HP Connection Manager (must use version 4.21 and this is only needed if you have a cellular card installed)
    [If you install the Connection Manager, do it AFTER you deal with the WAN Cellular card driver outlined bellow then come back to it]

Drivers That Take Creative Problem Solving

The Blue-tooth Adapter was a pain, but also was the one that taught me some tricks that I suspect will help with other Windows 8 driver installs.  Windows Update offered a driver for this that failed to install.  The error for one of my installs suggested I go to the maker’s site.  The HP install AND the Broadcom install both fail.  The most common error was “access denied”  The trick is to install the basic drivers and avoid the HP and other installs.  When HP installs an update it creates folders named SPnnnn under C:/Swsetup.  For the blue-tooth on my machine this was labled  sp46063 [Link]. To get the blue-tooth working.  After letting the HP install make the folder and fail. Uninstall the the device from device manager to clear out any fildercarb.  Then for my system I opened up the “Win64” folder under the SP46063 folder.  I ran the set up from that folder. It completed and I have a working blue-tooth adapter which I paired with my PCCARD slot mouse/pointer.

The Finger Print reader is a different issue. The HP driver appears to install fine.  Then you can install the HP ProtectTools and all seems fine.  But at least with the machine tied to my Microsoft account.  I could not get fingerprint log-on to work.  That is the main thing I do with the reader for now on this machine.  I was able to set up the fingerprint pre-boot security just fine.  But I still had to type my password in to log-on to windows.  This is even though after HP sets up it up it acts like there is a fingerprint log-on option, but it doesn’t work.

To get the fingerprint logon ot work, don’t install the HP version of the drivers.   Go to the Validity site and download the 4.3.100 Windows 7 driver. And install everything, you need the digital persona software to enroll the finger prints.  It is not marked for install by default for some reason.  What you will notice is that this install activates the Windows Control Panel Biometric control.  The HP install suppresses this as you are suppose to use their ProtectTools to manager the reader.   After teh driver is installed.  Turn on the logon function in control panel, enroll your finger prints, reboot and then you will see a small Sign-in option link under the password. here you enable for the account, finger print logo on.

HP um2420 Celluar Modem Card, based on the Qualcom GOBI 2000 chipset was much easier because of what I learned from the bluetooth adapter.  Download the Qualcom drivers from the 8440P drivers page.  Start the install so it creates the SP53068 folder.  I went into the Qualcom folder and tried to run the GobiInstaller file.  I got an error saying it couldn’t access a file.  So I dragged the Qualcom folder to my desktop and ran the GobiInstaller from there and it installed perfectly.  The WAN connection option showed up under the network connections options (you llist from the systray icon).  But I had no settings for how to connect.  So then I install the HP Connection Manager 4.21.  That let me choose a provider and try to register.  [I am not quite ready to pay Verizon $35 to activate since I can tether my phone]  But I was able to get the WAN modem talking to the registration pages over celluar wireless..  So we have success there.

See below for info on free data program from HP.  HOWEVER, I have learned that once you turn off power using Connection Manager 4.21, you may not be able to turn it back on inside the program.  Workaround is to keep HP Wireless Manager installed OR in Connection Manager preferences set it to power on all devices when it starts and then fully exit CM and restart.

Final Tips and Thoughts

For now if you have the version of the 8440P with the Nvidia chipset.  Use the drivers Microsoft provides.  The Nvidia beta drives will not play videos in the App Mode versions of Netflix or XBOX video App. I am seeing problems with the screen shimmering after it sleeps in the Microsoft drivers.  This was an HP issue a driver update in Windows 7 fixed, which is why I tried the beta.  I am hoping Nvidia will get the new Windows 8 drivers ready soon and they deal with the shimmer issue.

Some things I will try later. 

I like the HP Support Assistant.. so may install and test that.  I would like to get the fingerprint reader set up to fill in web passwords.  So I will look to see if the HP ProtectTools will run along with the version of the drivers that allow Windows Logon via fingerprint.  There is not much more of the HP software I really care about.  I have to say that after a couple days playing with Windows 8, I am liking it more on this non-touch machine than I thought I would.  This may well end up being the main OS I keep on this machine as long as I get all my odd Astronomy and Telescop tracking tools to work with it too.

Since Windows Vista stablized with the hardware makers getting the drivers right, my opinion of Windows 8 is the same as I had for Vista and Windows 7.  In general if your machine is working with what you have,  no need to upgrade.  If you are looking at a machine with Windows 8, I think you will like it. However there is about a 1 -2 hour intial period where long-time windows users will question the the UI changes, but its not as bad as some of the rants on the Internet would lead you to believe and I am now finding it is faster for somethings.

I will write more later is week if I have time.  But I felt that sharing my Saturday’s worth of trial and error would help others looking to upgrade to Windows 8 on this HP Notebook and I suspect several other machines.

[I am sure there are typos I will fix later.. Promisde to go to the market today so amposting my first draft here]


The Nvidia 306.97 WHQ Driver from the Nvidia site which is release is the best choice.  It works with App based video AND after being installed about a day and having several hours of off time, reduces the hard shimmer coming out of monitor sleep.  There is some but it goes away much faster with this driver.  The Windows 7, posted fix for this talks about powering down the machine and even taking the battery out for a few hours this seems to help with the new driver too.   For some reason the auto-detect on the Nvidia website offers the beta not the release, driver.  Do not install the beta driver.

FREE CDMA 3G/4G Broadband!!

HP um2420 / Gobi 2000 Is working great with Windows 8.  HP it appears heard its customer frustration with the poor support for its internal 3G/4G adapters (um2400/2420/2430).  Providers have silly activation costs, extreme price premiums over tablets etc. for doing the same thing.  So HP has created HP Datapass that is a prepaid system offered over the Sprint Network.  The good thing is that for the first 10,000 that sign up, before end of December 2012 get a year of 100MB per month free, no credit card needed cellaur broadband. 

I can tether my phone in most cases would use my shared Verizon data that way vs pay the silly $20 a month + $35 activation.   But if the battery for my phone is low, or I need to talk to someone while online.  I can use my free data and even add some pre-paid data off the HP Datapass.  If you have played with your Gobi card like I did but never completed a registration, the data may need to be reset.  The HP Datapass support line is excellent and have a tool to reset the line.  If you have this function but never turned it on because of the cost.  Try this new HP data program.


41 Responses to Windows 8 Install on my 8440P Elitebook

  • Jeroen Huylebroeck says:

    Thank you for the clear insights! I’m currently in the process of doing the same thing with my machine!

  • Michael Yasko says:

    Any luck getting the brightness keys working?

  • Bas de Gruijter says:

    GOOD POST thanks, helped me a lot… The only frustrating point for me is the orange mute button! I hope HP will fix a solution for that!

    • K. E. Hoffman says:

      After installing the Quick Launch buttons that was stuck for me. When I installed the “LSI HD Audio Drivers it fixed the mute button issue.” I am 100% Windows 8 hardware supported on the 8440p. No device has had to be disabled and all have working drivers installed now.



  • Jonas says:

    Thank you! Your guide is awsome, and most probably saved me from endless hours of troubleshooting. Now my 8440p seems to be working flawlessly!

    I experienced some differences from your guide:
    -The Bluetooth adapter didn’t need any hands on.
    -Your comments about the Finger print reader was very much helping. Only thing I would like to add is to run the installer in compability mode, otherwise the installer refused to install.

    Happy holidays!

  • Swetank Shukla says:

    Thanks a lot Mr. Hoffman, everything works like a charm…. 🙂

  • Markus says:

    I also installed the latest touchpad drivers from and got Windows8 gestures support for the touchpad.

    • Markus says:

      However, I think this introduced some issues with scrolling.

      • K. E. Hoffman says:

        I will have to look at it.
        I have two machines with Windows 8 on them both have mutli touch pads.. but Windows 8 Apps are very inconsitant in the horozontal scrolling some pay attention to the touch pad scrolling and some don’t some can be scrolled with the arrow keys moveing focus of tiles etc in the app some can not.
        Too much assumption that Win 8 is on touch screen devices IMHO.. scrolling needs to be cleaned up and standardize this year as one of the SP1 fixes for Win 8.

        • Markus says:

          Actually, the problem seems to be that the OS often stops recognizing that my left mouse is down. Hence the scrolling problem. It also brings a lot of other problems (moving files, selecting text etc).

  • Andre Lucas says:


    Im still having problems enabling the fingerprint reader, I have installed the Validity driver but seems to miss something. When selecting biometric device in control panel and try to enroll fingerprints it is saying that there is no management application installed

    What am i Missing there

    • K. E. Hoffman says:

      Hi as mentioned.. you need to install not only driver but the Digital Persona management software. That is part of the package at Validity..

  • Blauwe says:

    Bought windows 8 pro upgrade. Cant install because i live in Guatemala. Microsoft will not let their clients from Guatemala connect and upgrade to windows 8 (Region is not allowed according to Windows8-Setup.exe).


  • Ernesto Treviso says:

    Thanks really a lot “seattlewriter” for your guide! I haven’t a 8440p, but a HP tablet pc 2740p Elitebook! Installing Win 8 I found some problems with drivers and didn’t find big helps looking forums for my specific model. Fortunally I thought my Elitebook was similar to your for components (except for Wacom digitalizer), so I used your tips. I write my experience about drivers upgrading from win 7 to win 8 with my 2740p. But now only two permises hoping my words can help someone other with my same tablet pc:
    A) the upgrade from win 7 to win 8 wasn’t really linear, because I decided to re install win 8 after the upgrade: there is a bug of win 8 with the update KB2770917 for laptop like mine, because you need (before installing it) realizing some changes in msconfig service’s window. About this issue writing the number of update everyone can find informations looking to windows’ forum: for example “”.
    B)I write in italian about drivers for 2740p : sorry but translating need time and it’s not simple for me: I’m sure that with google translate or similar sfws everybody with patience can understand what I wrote.
    Installo Win 8 pulito sul mio 2740p
    1) Non avendo ancora ricevuto il cd di Win 8, ho bisogno di crearmene uno. Recupero quindi la mail del pagamento dove c’era un link per scaricarmi Win 8 e questa volta anziché downloadare e upgradare subito (cosa peraltro non più possibile perché ho già Win 8 che gira) salvo il file ISO scaricato su un dvd, per poi fare un installo da 0, senza stupidi backup del Win 8 appena installato e in realtà non totalmente funzionante. Quindi questa è la procedura di un installo ex novo.
    2) Andare sulla barra “charm” di Win 8, scegliere “impostazioni”, poi “modifica impostazioni pc”, poi “generale”, poi “rimuovi tutto e reinstalla Windows”, poi si seleziona “installo da dvd”, che mi contiene Win 8. A questo punto scattano i vari aggiornamenti, che io sollecito tramite Windows update. Ad un certo punto però mi accorgo che il probleamtico KB2770917 aspetta di essere installato. Pigio allora Windows Key + X, poi dal menu scelgo “esegui”, digito “msconfig.exe”. Mi appare un menu, vado sul tab “servizi”, spunto la casella “nascondi tutti i servizi Microsoft”, poi clicco “disabilita tutto” in fondo a dx, quindi riavvio il pc. Alla riaccensione installo da dentro Windows update il probleamtico KB2770917, quindi riavvio. Questa volta la procedura in poco tempo giunge a termine! Eureka! Ricontrollando il menu che avevo attivato col “msconfig.exe” mi accorgo che tutto è ritornato al suo posto automaticamente.
    3) Essendo quindi Win 8 installato da 0 e bene procedo con l’aggiornamento dei driver di HP e con Office 2010.
    Driver di HP x 2740p con trucchi per Win 8
    1) Purtroppo non tutti i driver della HP per il mio 2740p si installano facilmente in Win 8. Per buona sorte trovo il generoso blog scritto dal bravo “seattlewriter” che parla del passaggio a Win 8 col suo 8440p, laptop simile al mio. Anzitutto noto che fortunatamente Win 8 include buona parte dei driver per far funzionare il mio tablet, quindi solo poche cose non funzionano. Ho proceduto quindi a scaricare dal sito hp alcuni driver (in realtà qualificati come per Win 7), di cui taluni hanno funzionato subito, mentre altri hanno richiesto dei trucchetti, per i quali è stato davvero utile “seattlewriter”.
    Per annotazioni specifiche sui singoli driver vedi le annotazioni a matita, che ho scritto a fianco dell’elenco driver che avevo stampato tempo addietro.
    In fondo non sono molti i driver che devono essere installati direttamente da HP per funzionare in Win 8, ma alcuni di questi richiedono un trucchetto per funzionare/installarsi.
    Driver “HP Quickweb”: mi rifresco ai due bottoncini a lato tablet, che attivano rapidamente browser internet e Outlook: in realtà sono diventati operativi già coi Driver di Win 8, però io ho reinstallato comunque i Driver da HP, sicuramente era inutile farlo però, perché già funzionanti.
    Driver “Ricoh Card Reader” lettore SD: è assolutamente necessario scaricarli da HP e ora il lettore di schede Secure Digital funziona bene. Nessun trucchetto necessario per installo.
    “HP IDT Audio Driver ad alta definizione”: è il driver HP che gestisce il bottoncino del silenziamento del volume: a dire il vero infatti il volume funzionava lo stesso coi soli driver di Win 8, però rimaneva sempre acceso il led rosso del silenziatore del volume, quindi è opportuno installarlo. Nessun trucchetto necessario per l’installo.
    Driver del Chipset (Utility d’installazione del Chipset Intel, vers. e Driver e interfaccia Intel Management engine components, vers. io li ho installati comunque, ma probabilmente non era necessario, perché già forniti con Win 8..
    Driver Intel HD Graphics with Turbo Boost technology: sono i driver HP che gestiscono il ventolino di raffreddamento della CPU , difatti dopo l’installo il ventolino scatta più frequentemente e con maggiore velocità, ma diventa anche più rumoroso per contro.
    Driver “HP Drive Guard”: non li installo perché avendo un SSD la loro funzione è inutile: servono a interrompere scrittura della testina dello HDD durante gli scossoni.
    Driver “HP Quick Launch Button”: è il driver che gestisce vari tasti associati al tasto “function” a fianco del tasto Windows, ad es. regolazione luminosità, ecc.…la cosa curiosa è che pur essendo già presente (così m’è sembrato) in Win 8 e nonostante io abbia fatto l’installo tramite il sito HP i bottoncini funzione cominciano a lavorare davvero solo col secondo riavvio. Nessun trucchetto necessario per installo.
    Driver di rete ethernet (Driver Gigabit ethernet Intel 82577LM e 82577LC) e di Wi-Fi non occorre scaricarli e installarli da sito HP, perché già presenti nella installazione o negli update di Win 8.
    Driver “Qualcomm Mobile Broadband Gobi 2000” per il modem WLAN del 3G con la scheda Qualcomm 2420 Gobi 2000: per l’installo occorre il trucchetto. Bisogna entrare nella sua cartella in C:/SWSetup, quindi poi cercare nella cartella l’eseguibile “gobinstaller” e lanciarlo. Installazione avverrà bene, però uno non è in grado di rilevare subito la bontà della isntallazione, perché è necessario successivamente anche installare i driver del programma “HP Connection manager” (non installare invece driver di “Wirell Assistant, perché in realtà è una specie di clone di “hp Conenction Manager”, quini non è necessario), che consente la gestione delle connessioni wireless in generale (WWAN, WLAN E Bluetooth).
    Driver “HP Bluetooth per Microsoft Windows 7” (identificati con cartella SP47022 da 5,5 MB): anche qui occorre il trucco per installare i driver del Bluetooth! Direttamente dalla cartella SP47022 (che si trova in C:/SWSetup) lanciare l’eseguibile “winst” e non “setup”(come invece ha indicato “seattlewriter” per il suo 8440p).
    Installare quindi il software “HP Connection Manager” il quale ha il compito di gestire il WWAN (Qualcomm Gobi appena installato col trucco), il Bluetooth (appena installato col trucco), il WLAN (il driver Intel PRO/Wireless sono fornite direttamente da Win 8, quindi non occorre scaricarli da HP). Non installare invece HP Wireless Assistant, perché sarebbe solo un inutile clone di HP Connection Manager probabilmente.
    Per i driver del lettore di impronte digitali c’è il trucco come insegna “seattlewriter”. Andare sul sito del produttore “Validity” ( ) e scaricare la versione 4.3.100 per Windows 7 driver.
    Scaricare e installare dal sito HP il software “Software HP Webcam” per poter vedermi con la webcam col programmino HP dedicato: mi sembra (non sono sicuro) che Skype video mi funzioni anche senza programmino, però solo con esso posso fare foto o video autonomamente.
    Driver Intel rapid Storage Technology (versione io ho installato questo driver (tecnologia per creare e gestire il RAID), ma probabilmente non era necessario, perché già presente con Win 8.
    Driver per modem LSI con audio ad alta definizione (HDA) per Microsoft Windows (versione io ho installato questo driver, ma quasi certamente non era necessario, perché già presente con Win 8.
    Con solo questi driver e software io ho concluso la fase relativa all’aggiornamento driver di Win 8.
    2) Rispetto a vecchio Win 7 non mi appare in automatico la cd. “TIP”, cioè il Tablet Imput Panel, cioè la finestrella di scrittura con al penna sul tablet quando avvicino la penna allo schermo. Questo perché il TIP è un po’ cambiato: devo andare col mouse sulla barra degli strumenti, clic destro selezionando voce barra degli strumenti e poi spuntare la voce “tastiera virtuale”. In tal modo il nuovo TIP appare. Ignorantemente di fronte al problema del non trovare il TIP prima avevo scaricato pure da sito HP il driver “Wacom digitizer driver” (SP51088), ma in realtà l’operazione non era affatto necessaria.
    3) Usando il TIP e la penna noto che la penna è molto imprecisa, specie agli angoli e specie nell’angolo dx alto (lo sbaglio è addirittura di 3 mm, quasi non si riesce a selezionare l’x di chiusura delle finestre). Decido per una ritaratura. Non devo scegliere in pannello di controllo icona “Impostazioni Touch” e poi “calibra”, perché in realtà nulla muta. Bisogna scegliere icona “Impostazioni Tablet PC”, poi nel tab “schermo” selezionare “”Reimposta…”, il quale riporta a default il touch e la penna, poi ritarare la penna. Con questo metodo riesco ad avere una decente accuratezza della penna, cioè ad es. la zona in alto a dx ora viene rilevata bene, però per contro il touch in quella zona si rivela impreciso. Sintetizzando direi quindi che una taratura custom precisa della penna compromette nella zona in alto a dx la rilevazione touch. Dovendo fare una scelta mantengo queste impostazioni perché a me interessa di più avere accuratezza con la penna.

  • MaCFmH says:

    Hi Seattlewriter,
    after a long time of testing W8Pro on my HP 8440p and a lot of failures,
    finaly I found your Blog and your perfekt guide.
    And today everything working fine.

    Thank you.

  • Des_Henry says:

    Thank you so much for this – I would have given up without it.
    The finger print drivers have moved to:

    <a href=";

  • John Carter says:

    Hey there, am doing the same thing now on 2013, thank you for the insight on your journey, I’d just bookmarked it (:

    Looking forward to install Windows 8 (x64) on my 8440p, cheers!

  • Numerical Method says:

    Hi, it seems that the driver at validity websites are down and after some time of searching I couldn’t locate the 4.3.100 Windows 7 x64 driver for our biometric device. I would really appreciate it if someone could upload theirs (Along with the corresponding digital persona software) and I will try to mirror them through my Dropbox account. You can contact me through

    Aside from that, I am experiencing some issues with the brightness keys, it worked for the first few hours of installing but it stopped working afterward I perform a system restart. Anyone else experiencing this?

    Great guide BTW, I followed it from top to bottom and found myself loving my 8440p more.

  • Numerical Method says:

    I finally able to get the VFS451 biometric device to work without using the driver! Tested on a x64 system, not sure if it will work on x32.

    Elitebook 8440p
    Windows 8 x64

    Prior to the installation, it is best to uninstall HP Protect and/or any fingerprint handler. Also, make sure your biometric is listed as “Unknown Device” under Device Manager.

    1. Download the validity driver from HP

    2. After the installation completes, uninstall the Validity driver from the control panel, leaving the Validity WBF DDK untouched.

    3. Download this driver

    4. Run the installer and after the extraction process, abort the installation.

    5. Open up device manager and click on the “Unknown Device” and select update driver. This is where you will have to navigate to the previously extracted files which will be placed by default in the C:\SWSETUP\sp60754 folder.

    6. Download and install

    7. Extract and install away

    8. Reboot your PC

    9. Open up HP Simple Pass and setup your fingerprint.

    Hope this helps anyone who are not able to locate the driver.

  • Tai says:

    Great, thx

    • Jonas says:

      After updating Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 the finger print reader became dead again. So I went back to this web site, and once again, it solved my problems!
      Using “Numerical Method”‘s step-by-step guide, I got it to work.
      One note, though: I had problems keeping the biometric listed as “unknow device”. I uninstalled it (also check the box “remove drivers”), so a few seconds it was listed as a “unkown device”, before it got installed automatically again.
      Workaround: Once it’s listed as “unkown device”, (you might to manually trigger a search for hardware changes), quickly right click it and choose to update driver!

  • Crash Bang says:

    I was just wondering if any of you guys have had intermittent BSOD with windows 8.1?
    I get these quite frequently, so much so that i’m consdering going back to windows 7 🙁
    I’ve installed all the drivers on this page

  • Falcon Maya says:

    Hello all.
    I just installed Windows 8.1 on my Elite book; and experiencing much faster performance of the system.
    A problem that I too discovered and somewhat managed to resolve is colour of the Mute Button that stays orange through out, even if the system is not muted. I download the Audio drivers for Windows 7 from HP’s website and tried to install on Windows 8.1…..and viola!!! it worked like a charm…and turned the mute button to green again..
    Hope it would be helpful for all the Elitebook holders…

    • ptahmitra says:

      Hi there, I know this is a year after your post but I would appreciate your advice. I have a 8440p and used to have windows 7 pro 64 on it. For no apparent reason before xmas the webcam changed drivers and while it was showing as working in device manager it would not work in any application. After MUCH time and faffing around I managed to get the HP driver installed again and it worked fine.

      Since then I decided to give it to my parents and as part of that update it to windows 8.1 and office 2013. Normally this would be a simple process however the webcam issue is back with a vengance.

      Windows 8 device manager indicated that the webcam is installed correctly but again, no application can find the camera. I’m back to tearing my hair out wondering what the hell I need to do to get it working correctly.

      Annoyingly, no one here on this forum indicates that they have any issues with their webcams 🙁

      I would love it if you might share some light on the topic for me

      thank you in advance

  • duncan says:

    hi i updated the bios to 2013 now it cant show the serial number and note book model what do i do?

  • Heberto salazar says:

    Buenas noches, pido ayuda para descargar el driver de sonido de un hp elitebook 8440p energy star, para windows 8… intalo y me suena por los audifonos y no con altavoces o normalmente… gracias

  • All night says:

    I use the HP ProtectTools Security Manager REV: A (sp60944.exe) for my 8440p. It works fine.

  • John MacClane says:

    Great guide. Really helped me out with bluetooth connectivity issues and other minor problems. The light color on the mute button has always worked with win8 x64 on my 8440p and the display backlight adjustment buttons never worked, but the ambient light sensor seems to work just fine (although irritatingly flickering my backlight sometimes). I was not able to get the fingerprint working, but i will try Numerical Method’s method later today. The mobile broadband driver was solved by installing connection manager and clicking download driver within that application. It turned out I had the Gobi1000 instead of the Gobi2000 since i took the card from a 2530p, but it should be the same for both cards.

  • jeppe says:


    it seems I am the only one having problems with sleepmode? I do not have option to put it into sleepmode. Also when I try to shut it down it shuts offthe screen but the pc remains turn on. So I have to push the powerbutton before it shots down. Funny thing is that if I do an upgrade where the system shuts down the pc afterwards it actually shots down the unit.

    Any ideas?



  • Stephen says:

    I came to this site after searching for the mute and hot keys. I have added the collection of drivers for the finger print scanner, quick launch, HD audio for the mute button.

    To install the finger print scanner I had to disable the windows updates as it kept installing it.
    HP Protect Tools also needed to be installed. I had to reboot twice to get it to working. I hit the windows key, typed in “Finger” and it said setup finger print sign on.

    Below is a shared folder with all of the drivers I used or tried to use. I ended up using the Lenovo Finger Print driver from Validity.

  • Numerical Method says:

    Hi, its me again, Numerical Method.

    So today I went ahead and upgraded to Windows 10 Pro and as per usual, a couple of stuff didn’t work as nicely as they should. You shouldn’t have any problem locating the other driver from hp driver support but there is one issue that I would like to address; the fingerprint sensor.

    The link that I posted back in 2013 doesn’t work anymore and here I will list out what I did in order to get it to work once again:

    1) Download the official HP Validity sensor dated 2014.

    Remarks: You could easily locate this from the driver page in the HP driver support. Just google: elitebook 8440p driver. Do note that for some reason you can’t access the page when you’re browsing from a Windows 10 device, it will work fine if browsed through Windows 7 though.

    2) After the installation completes, uninstall the Validity driver from the control panel, leaving the Validity WBF DDK untouched.

    3) Download this file in particular its sp60754.

    4) Run the installer and after the extraction process, abort the installation.

    5. Open up device manager and click on the “Unknown Device” and select update driver. This is where you will have to navigate to the previously extracted files which will be placed by default in the C:\SWSETUP\sp60754 folder.

    6. Download and install

    7. Extract and install away

    8. Reboot your PC

    9. Open up HP Simple Pass and setup your fingerprint.

    Hope this helps, also, happy 2015 😛

    • Numerical Method says:

      Additional note: Tested on EliteBook 8440p Windows 10 x64 system

      • DanSte says:

        Sir please let me what version did you use for the HP connection manager? Can you please specify the type also (SPxxxxx)?

    • Numerical Method says:

      I ran into first trouble today: upon restart you may notice that your mouse pointer keeps on refreshing as if something is loading in the background. Rest assured, all you required to do is open up HP SimplePass software and head over to the settings. Afterward untick the checkboxes for LaunchSite and QuickLaunch.

      It seems that LaunchSite launcher keeps reloading in the background as it was constantly terminated for some reason.

      I’ll keep on updating this post with problems and solution.

      • Numerical Method says:

        Hello everyone, its me again. Seems like our product are no longer receiving official support. If you’re on the Windows 10 bandwagon you may find that nearly all of our installed drivers are no longer working. Here I’ve compiled all the drivers you need to get your EliteBook 8440p working good again; before you do anything please and PLEASE go through the Readme first!

        If you find these drivers compilation useful, please consider donating to your nearest Cancer charity fund.

  • DanSte says:

    Hi, can you email me the link for HP Connection Manager? I only found v4.1.22.1 on the website and it is not compatible with 8440p. Email me at please, thank you so much.

  • Danny says:

    This site is awesome. I have an 8440p and everything seems to work fine after upgrading to 8.1 except that my laptop runs really slow while on battery power. Please what do you think I can do?

  • Kieron Lee says:

    Hi, I am reading this in 2016 and I say what a great blog you have.
    Anyhow, I was following your tutorial on how to get things done in HP Elitebook 8440p.
    The thing is, the validity fingerprint website is no longer working and I am having a tough time searching for the validity driver 4.3.100.

    Do you have any ideas or did you happen to safe a copy of the installer? Pls help me out, thanks.

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