Amazon models how good customer service should be

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This is a repost from something I posted on an astronomy board.


So on Sunday.. I decided to use my AMEX points of pay for most of a Celestron 8-24 Zoom.
(Using for projection AP as it has T-threads)

On the same order from Amazon I ordered a couple of smaller items from other sellers on the Amazon system.

As of this evening, 2 items had arrived one item was in transit. The EP which was ordered directly from Amazon, had not shipped!!

So I called…

  • Interesting system: I type my number on web and it calls me right away, no hold time. [GOOD]
  • I hear the voice of a nice young woman whose name and accent would lead me to think she might be in India..sigh I guess I know where this is going…. [Bad?]
  • I give her my email and order number and quickly she has my info up and knows what is going on. [Good]
  • She tells me it is expected to ship on the 22nd and I will have it by the 27th. I point out that three other independent retailers shipped well before them and the order says I can expect delivery 22nd-27th since the 22nd is impossible as it has not shipped, that the system is lying. [Bad]
    I explain that as long as it ships within 2 days, I am fine but taking 4 days to ship is unacceptable and a company that was about service would be upgrading it to 2 or 3 day shipping to make up for the delay. She listens, never tells me I am wrong or starts to explain how busy they are and that makes shipping slower etc. (all the stuff we hear usually) then she asks me to hang on.
  • After about 3 minutes she returns and says she is going to ship one with expedited shipping and if the original one arrives afterwards please refuse it, then she puts me on hold again while she sets it up [Good]
  • When she comes back she says they were able to upgrade the current item to one day shipping and I should have it on the 23rd. [Very Good!]

I used the free shipping, so I don’t need it shipped next business day. I never asked for overnight. I was clear about my frustration, but always polite and she never was defensive.

This is how support from a good company works.

  • You don’t make excuses
  • You listen
  • and if you think the customer has a reasonable point about service being below par, you correct it with better then expected options!!

Kudos to Amazon.. and if they are giving this level of support using call centers overseas.. other business who can’t even get it right with locally based customer service should be ashamed. She had instant access to the data and she had the power to CARE for the customer, not just justify bad process. That is how it is done!

As someone who did several years of technical customer service by phone, I am really pleased someone understands that good support is part of the product not an inconvenience..

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